Express for Challenger matches: forecast and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Soon the participants of the final stages will be determined at the challengers in Campinas and Maya. While there is plenty to choose from, I suggest assembling a reliable express.

Emilio Gomez Felipe Melicheni Rodriguez Alves

Gomez is one of the most unpredictable tennis players in the top 200. It is difficult to expect anything specific from him on the court, since in one match against a clear favorite a tennis player demonstrates an exorbitant level of play, and then the next day he loses without a chance to an outsider. When Emilio comes on the court motivated, he is able to give battle to any challenger level opponent. Emilio stands out for playing on the back row, as he acts tenacious, varied and constantly pressing. However, the tennis player lacks a serve.

Meliheni won his debut challenge a few days ago. Now the tennis player has come to a new tournament and has already won. At the moment, it is not known how many matches Felipe will still have enough strength, since he plays almost every other day and all the fights are intense. But the Brazilian caught the courage, Melicheni not only delivers confidently, but also plays with a minimum number of mistakes in the rallies, despite the fact that he acts in a super-aggressive manner.

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I do not advise you to bet on the winner in this match, since everything is ambiguous. I recommend making a choice to win Felipe Melicheni by aces. I think this is a great bet, given that Gomez does not have a powerful serve at all and on clay, on average, delivers two aces, and Felipe Melicheni – four.

Alexey Vatutin Carlos Taberner

Vatutin – primer. When he was focused on profile coverage, he was consistently in the top 200 and progressed. But in recent years, the Russian began to spend a lot of time on hard. The most interesting thing is that a tennis player loses to everyone in a row, but does not change anything. Now Alexey is in the top 300. After the resumption of the season, Vatutin again missed most of the clay tournaments. As soon as Alexei returned to clay, he immediately won and interrupted a losing streak of six matches.

Taberner is not the first season trampled in the top 200 and challengers. In many ways, the problem is that he does not show anything special in his game and from fight to fight he acts in the same style, without changing anything and repeating the same mistakes. Like most Spanish dirt coats, Carlos has a tenacious and sticky backline play. He is completely dependent on clay courts, as he has neither powerful serving nor attacking potential.

At the moment, Taberner is one head stronger than Vatutin, so there is no doubt about his victory.

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