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Why Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit that enables developers to build cross-platform applications through a single codebase. Currently, Flutter is being utilized by businesses such as The New York Times, Tencent, Alibaba Group, etc., to build their products and services faster and more efficiently than ever before. At Power Moves, we use Flutter as a tool to bring to life our clients’ products and services. To showcase this, Power Moves built GMOH, a simplified ride-sharing app that integrates with Uber and Lyft, to get its users where they need to go. Also, Power Moves is releasing blog posts that demonstrate and educate potential clients and developers on the benefits of Flutter’s application. 



Get Me Out Of Here (GMOH) is a simple demonstration open-sourced project showcasing a cross-development flutter framework. It highlights a simple question-driven UI that aims to make ride-hailing extremely simple to accomplish, especially when you need it most. Users are asked simple questions such as where they are going, how many people they are traveling with, and which ride service they want to use. The app then uses this information to launch the relevant ride-sharing app preloaded with the user’s request.

What’s Next?

In the next blog posts, Power Moves Developers shall share a more in-depth look into some of the underlying technologies of GMOH. Through this app, you can see what the team at Power Moves Development can achieve for you. We shall also share with other developers about our strategy to implement dependency injection, google services, continuous integration, and flutter testing.

Parrot MD


PARROT.MD is the only app of its kind allowing credentialed physicians to digitally and anonymously trade call assignments with ease, reducing burnout and creating an opportunity for a secondary income source.


We developed the Parrot.MD application for Android using MVI architectural pattern using Kotlin Coroutines. See it on the Play Store here.