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Mental Fitness Plan

As a fitness aficionado as well as a bonafide computer nerd, I have come to appreciate the parallels between what it takes to see progress in the gym and what it takes to make progress when learning a new technical skill or discipline. While the best workout plan is the one that you can stick […]

What Affects My Credit Score Anyways?

You’ve come so far. If you’ve kept up with this series, you’ve learned the basics of what credit is, what a credit score is, and the winning strategies for managing your credit. In this final installment of “W.I.C.A?”, that is “What Is Credit Anyways?”, we are going to learn some of the ways you can […]

How to Manage Your Credit

Back in Part 1, I compared using credit to playing with fire. You shouldn’t play with fire. You should understand fire, respect fire, know how to safely use fire, and how to put it out. Likewise, I recommend you take a similar approach to credit. In the Beginning… In this section, I am going to […]